Sunday, October 16, 2011

Weekend Heat

Finally... The weather warmed right up to be a in the mid 30s somewhere, and everyone decided to go out!!

Friday night we went out to Shilla Korean BBQ restaurant in East Perth which was brilliant - thats another blog post! It ended up being a big night out, so saturday was spent on the couch recovering... that night we decided to head out for a curry and a movie. We went to Anghiti, on Scarborough Beach Road for a pre movie curry. We had no troubles booking in, and found the place fine. The sign outside looked weathered and old, which doesnt do the place any favours. However going inside it appeared that people didnt care much about the sign as it was pretty busy, and got busier over the evening. The place had a pretty chain restaurant feel to it, as it was pretty big, and it was the first place Id been to where most of the staff werent Indian (I dont know about the kitchen though).

We ordered the sharing platter thats all cooked in the tandoor and had fish, chicken, chicken wings and kofta. It came out surprisingly fast, I dont know about the kitchen secrets about how much things are cooked in advance, but our sharing platter certainly wasnt cooked from scratch in the tandoor. In any case it tasted good. Pretty generous serve, but for $30 it would wanna be generous...

Our curries came out looking pretty much the same... Mine was ok, S didnt really like his because it had coconut milk in it, and he hates that stuff. It wasnt mentioned on the menu either - we ended up swapping. We both found our curries a bit too sweet and just a bit too "Australian". It didnt strike us as authentic at all really, and when we got the bill, for 1 starter, 2 curries, a serve of rice and naan, costing over $80 we decided for sure that this wasnt a place we'd come back to. It was by no means unpleasant, but there are certainly much better places in the area for indian food...

Anghiti on Urbanspoon

We went and saw The Hunter and found it not a complete chore to sit through but it was confused, lacking in any psychological thrillings as the descriptions said, and pretty actionless. That cost us $50 as well. It was an expensive saturday night really for average results...

Sunday was a bit different! I had a boxing class in the morning which nearly killed me - theyre outdoors and sunday was pretty warm already at 9:30am when the class started! It was with Live Fit Box, who hold their classes outdoors at a bunch of different locations, mine was at a North Perth park. I was knackered, seriously. All this eating out and restaurant reviewing as taken its toll, and this class revealed it to me! My next class is tomorrow so we'll see how that goes! I had bought a Groupon which entitled me to 3 months of unlimited boxing classes, and a set of boxing gloves, which was a good deal! Theyre going to kill me though...

After I got home and recovered a bit, it was picnic time! I was starving, so after we grabbed the frisbee and picnic rug, we headed to our local shops and bought up a bunch of picnic friendly foods! We got there early and made up a bit of a platter, salad, cheese, cold meats, dips, flatbreads... We ate loads but it was all good for us!

Some friends showed up with platters of berries and cut up veges, there was salmon sashimi, bagel crisps, turkish bread... yum... we ate for 2 hours, just laying in the shade chatting, it was such a fab afternoon! It was perfect weather with great friends :) Bring on the summer!!


  1. We went to Anghiti once and the vindaloo was extremely chilli...even after diluting and many bottles of water later we still couldn't finish our curries :)

  2. really! S loves vindaloo, its his usual curry but he went for something else this time - did it have a nice flavour? or was it just HOT?

  3. too hot to tell :) I can't handle spice but burger boy can.