Sunday, September 4, 2011

Yorkshire Pudding - Jamie Oliver

Ive never made yorkie puds before, and with my spice rubbed roast tonight, I decided to give it a go after the bf begged n pleaded for it with gravy.

I used the recipe from Jamie Olivers Ministry of Food book... here it is!

3 eggs
115g flour
285ml milk
oil (I used rice bran oil)

1) Whisk the eggs, flour, milk and salt really well in a bowl to make the batter, pour into a jug and set aside for 30mins. This allows your batter to become really light.

2) Turn the oven up to its highest setting, and place a 12 cup muffin tray in to heat up for 5 mins.

3) Place a tablespoon of oil into each muffin hole, put the tray back in the oven to heat until the oil is very hot.

4) Slide the tray half out, and carefully pour the batter into the hot oil, then close the door and cook for 15mins without opening the door.

5) Serve immediately.

I cooked mine in a loaf tin, but stupidly didnt cook it for much longer than the recipe specified, even though it was in a bigger container. However it still rose up really nicely, and was golden and crispy on the top. However on the bottom it had the consistency of tofu/soft cheese/baked custard, which was kinda weird lol it still tasted like it was meant to, but just obviously needed more time. I think yorkies need to be cooked in a shallower pan than a loaf tin, because the time it takes for the bottom/middle of it to cook, the top will be burnt. Note to self - dont forget to adjust cooking times when you change the cooking container! Lesson learnt!

 Another hot tip. The oil has to be HOT HOT HOT! When you pour the batter in, it has to bubble up and almost look like it split/curdled. Once it goes back in the oven, itll puff up and youll end up with batter bits which are guilty chefs privileges!

It tasted just like it was meant to, drowned in pan juice gravy, with succulent spice rubbed beef roast.

Happy days :)

PS bit of an update! I tried these again, same recipe but using a muffin tray, and kept them in for longer... Much bigger success!! They were massive, and my bfs parents, who are from Yorkshire, loved them :) WOO! Note though, if your oven is crap and unevenly heated like mine, the back ones *might* burn a bit... hmf...


  1. Thanks for posting your tips. I made yorkies for the first time today. They're quick, easy and very good! I see what Brits like 'em.

    1. No worries - glad you had a go and you like em!!