Sunday, June 24, 2012

The journey begins...

Ok, I'm going to get serious about this health thing. I need to sort my shit out.

I am NOT  one for crash diets, quick fixes, or slogging it out at the gym for 2 weeks and then giving up. I can't change my habits that fast and expect them to stick, because I am actually mentally quite weak sometimes and I can justify anything.

Nipping through Red Rooster for nuggets on the way home is ok when I want nuggets. But when I think about it, it goes against so many things I stand for. You can tell how processed they are when you eat them, I'm sure at some stage they USED to be chicken, but they're not now. This crazy stuff has to stop.

I really like food, and good food. So when I look at what we eat, it's actually usually pretty good (aside from ninja stops at Red Rooster). We just probably eat a bit too much, and we eat out a lot. We shop at the markets so very little of what we cook is processed, because we really only buy the raw materials - fruit, veges, meat, milk and bread. Portions need to be controlled, and we need to be a little smarter about things we eat.

I also need to exercise A LOT more. Steve has a naturally fast metabolism, and goes to the gym at work most days - he's lucky he has a more flexible job than I do. As a teacher, I have set times for everything, I can't pop into the gym on my lunch break, I just don't have time. I need to find times when I can do 10-20 minutes of exercise, make it not seem like a chore. I've started the Couch to 5km program, which is pretty good. It basically makes you follow a set routine - run 60 seconds, walk 90 seconds, for 20 minutes. You end up running more, the longer you do it. The app is pretty good too, it just beeps at you when you need to start to walk/run. I also downloaded the Nike+ Runner app, which at the moment seems really cool. Once I've used it more, I'll review it. But it tracks your run via GPS, times it, and has a bunch of other cool features, including posting that you're going for a run on Facebook, and when anyone likes your status, if you're listening to music, it cheers! So cute.

I signed up for this Fitness for Foodies (FFF) 8 week course, and to make sure I don't cop out, Carolanne is coming with me. It's pretty good value, $139 and for that you can go to 3 group fitness sessions, and you get a weekly email with a bunch of really useful info, recipes, and charts. The thing that has really appealed to me has been the charts. I need to have a routine and it needs to be planned out. FFF gives you a meal planner, a really good shopping list, and an exercise planner. I love these. They're going to go on the fridge! It also has a chart where you can measure progress - your fitness, blood pressure, weight (only if you want to though!), and body measurements. This is also something I need. I need to see progress, benchmarks. These progressive checkpoint sheets are great because they're varied, you may not lose much weight one week, but you've managed to lose some cm's off your arms and can do more sit ups!

I'm also playing netball again on Monday nights, which is sweet! I get to chase a ball around again! YAY!

It's about celebrating the little wins, all the different ones! I don't JUST want to lose weight (though that is a big factor), I want to be fitter, and healthier. I want to be one of those people who enjoys going out running, and needs to do some exercise or they get restless. I'm sure that with all the little things I'm trying to change, I'm hoping to see a different "win" each week.

This is my plan, and I WILL stick to it this time!


  1. Good on you!! It's hard to get started & stay motivated. I'm doing a similar thing, so far I've bought the cool gear & I'm working on my running soundtrack. A little at a time is the best approach. Eat the same, but smaller. && never make yourself go without because it's so much easier to 'fall off the bandwagon' when it's an all or nothing approach. If you're interested, check out the Primal Blueprint. It's got some really interesting information about food, bodies & what we're designed to eat. Besides, a 'diet' that says it's ok to eat bacon is a great one to be on. :)

    I'm happy to come running/walking with you too, I'm only around the corner! x

    1. I agree - I'm not going to go without completely, because the all or nothing approach does NOT work on me. I agree, a diet that says bacon is ok, is a good diet :P But Im not on a diet, I'm just eating healthy! I'll have a look at that Primal Blueprint later on, sounds interesting!

      We should def get together and have a run/walk. I quite like wandering around Lake Monger and playing on all the gym equipment lol that does not feel like exercise at all, more like a big kids playground!

  2. Go Jacqui!! Looking forward to seeing where this journey leads us too....popped around Lake Monger this evening, still maintaining my couch to 5k :) Love it and I'm so glad you do too. Will be doing it before dinner on Fri, I know I'm going to need to build up an appetite. I loved filling in all my charts and sticking them up on the fridge too. A nice little reminder xx

  3. Well done Jacqui! Hope it all goes well. Looking forward to being inspired by your progress

  4. WOOHOO! Dinner will be good on friday, I think I'm either going to make up an Indian or Chinese feast! Ill prob go for a quick run beforehand too, I'll need it lol