Sunday, October 9, 2011

Breakfast - Confirmed!

My Breast Cancer Foundation Breakfast with Benefits event is starting to take real shape!

The event is being held on the 5th of November, at my place! Being at my house, the numbers are limited to 18 as thats all I can seat!

I've decided on 5 course, set brunch menu, which will consist of;

Baked, spiced ricotta with natural honey and walnuts on toasted organic Loafers sourdough
Homemade beans, organic chipolatas and bacon from the Naked Butcher
Buttermilk and white chocolate pancakes, with fruit (how the fruit will be served is TBA as the Organic Collective will give me whatever is good at the time!)
Roast balsamic field mushrooms, wilted spinach, fried Eggs by Ellah, and pangrattato
Organic Collective strawberries with citrus Bannister Downs cream

Local Businesses have been SO generous in their donations, as such I have very little to purchase! The fruit is being donated by The Organic Collective, who are based in Hamilton Hill, which is great as their fruit and veg are amazing, fresh, Australian (very often from WA) and obviously organic! The milk and cream are being provided by the fab crew at Bannister Downs, a dairy in Northcliffe, via their grass fed cows! The Eggs are coming via Eggs by Ellah, a farm out in West Swan, by the lovely Ellah (girls, the egg boxes are pink - how can you resist? Guys.. Theres no other way to say it, Ellah is a hot farmer!), who raises free range chickens to provide us with eggs that we can feel good about! Organic Loafers have just confirmed they will be happy to provide the bread, which is beyond awesome as their bread is SO GOOD! They make a fab sourdough, and their stuffed brioches are to die for, Ive never tasted a bread so good! The meat is being donated by The Naked Butcher in Mundaring, and they trade in organic and free range meats - nitrate free bacon/ham/silverside, gluten/preservative free sausages and everything is local! Brilliant!

See the raffle post for info on the awesome prizes that have been donated! Some great stuff there! $2 each or 3 for $5, purchase tickets via the link below, Ill email you back to confirm your tickets and let you know if you won!

The minimum donation will be $30, a bargain for a breakfast like this!

My aim is to make $500 in profits to donate to the Breast Cancer Foundation, which will be used to fund breast cancer research!

If youd like to donate money to the cause then please use this link...

...and help me reach my target of $500!! 

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