Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Oxford 130 Cafe, Leederville

We stopped in here for a coffee the other day after breakfast at Sayers. We came in here because I've tried most other places in Leederville and was looking for something new!

The decor is arty, funky n a bit all over the place. Its a hard place to miss because of the psychadelic wall paper that fronts the street, and one bright orange wall with posters all over it. To me, walking past it seemed like a big of a Greens tryhard - you only need one Greens in an area as small as Leederville...

We ordered a skinny flat white and a skinny capp , after being ignored by one girl, who was making the coffees, and then served by a girl who looked a bit flustered and didnt crack a smile once. They dont take eftpos, so paid cash and went and sat on a bench seat by the window. There were about 5 people in the cafe, so it was pretty quiet. We had some time to have a look around at the decor before our coffees were ready, upon which they call out your order and you come and get it a la Greens -  however with so little people in there you'd think they might bring it to your table? They didnt seem to have much else to do, as there were 3 staff on.

Anyway back to the decor... they have some tonka trucks on a shelf, and action man figurines hanging from the lamps. There was a painting of Tintin on a far wall and the furnishings were "shabby chic" for lack of a better phrase. We were sat at a pretty banged up looking table, and outside were milk crates to sit on as well as little Ikea style stools. It seemed to me to be a bit try hard, confused... The staff looked like they were a bit too cool for school, hardly any smiles, moping around. The girl who came and took our glasses was wearing a white shirt and had been making coffees all morning I assume n she was looked mucky. Covered in cocoa, coffee etc... It just felt like the care factor of the staff was really low...

The food looked fine, but we only had a coffee. In all fairness the coffee was fine, I enjoyed it and would have another one, but I dont think Ill bother going back to Oxford 130, unless I was going with a mountain of work and I wanted to be cool and do it all in a coffee shop.

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  1. Hey there, Oxford 130 (or colloquially, Café 130) is the parent of Greens and Cock Leederville. A lot of the décor was moved across to Greens when Oxford 130 finally shut down. The coffee is the same blend too. Was my old hangout in my uni days, back in the glorious 90s