Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sayers, Leederville

I really dont think this place needs much of a mention... Look on Urbanspoon, 780 people have voted and 83% like it. I havent seen a place with a rating from that many votes. Yet somehow, I hadnt heard of it till recently. My head was in the sand!

We decided to go after the whole weekend of us being sick and there being no food in the house. I checked the menu online and it looked fabulously different to normal breakfast menus, which suits me down to the ground! I love it when there is more on offer than just variations of bacon and eggs, various other standard egg dishes and museli with yoghurt. Dont get me wrong, if you want some standard breakfast things, they're here, but with a Sayers twist. They're open 7 days a week from 7am, we were there at about 10:30 on a tuesday morning and got the last table inside. There was one table outside. Nowhere else in Leederville was as busy as that, except Greens. We didnt expect that at all!

The inside is cozy and decorated like someones home. Its crowded that for sure, but no one seems to mind, everyone is just happy they've gotten a table! We were sat near the window, quite close to another pair of diners who had ordered before us, and so we got a sneak peak of what else was on offer! One of them had ordered the ricotta and white chocolate hotcakes with sticky apple and double cream (from memory, I could be slightly off with the details), and the other ordered the same as I did, more on that later! The hotcakes were quite thick, about 2cm, so its definately a hefty meal! They were topped with half an apple which looked like it had been stewed and candied - it looked sticky, soft and sweet. Topped with a dollop of cream, it wasn't a meal you'd eat often but it looked good!

We ordered 2 skinny flat whites, S got the full breakfast and I got the potato rösti with poached eggs, onion jam, bacon and lemon scented wilted spinach. I went up and ordered our meal, and within 10 minutes we got our coffees, complete with a little love heart in each!

We finished them really quickly - they were very warm but I wouldnt say they were hot. They were at a drinkable temp straight away, but I would have preferred them to be hotter. It was a smooth easy coffee to drink, slightly too milky for my tastes but enjoyable nonetheless! They were all gone, real fast!

Our food probably took about 20mins to come out and we weren't disappointed! The full breakfast came with a choice of poached, scrambled or fried eggs, a potato cake, homemade beans, grilled tomato, field mushroom with pesto,italian sausage & bacon. Its alot, but its portioned so well that its not a huge huge meal.

The mushroom was delicious, softly roasted, juicy and so tasty - the pesto was obviously home made, and all kinds of droolworthy. I am a BIG pesto fan!
The sausage (wrapped up in the bacon) was also very tasty. S and I both remarked that it had a great flavour, it didnt taste processed at all and we thought it was home made as well - the only downside was, it was a bit dry. Perhaps adding more fat into the mix would fix this. But the flavour was great.
The potato cake had flecks of spanish onion and mustard seeds, and one of the first flavours I got was mustard. It could have been seen as slightly overpowering, however both S and I like mustard and so for us, it was no problem. It was soft and flaked away with the fork. It was a different addition to what was a fairly standard full breakfast - better than a hash brown anyway!
The beans were served in a little bowl which I thought was good because I dont love it when beans are spread all over the plate n make everything soggy and beany! The beans were obviously not canned, as they still had a bit of bite to them, and the sauce was thick and rich. There was a hint of spice as well as some heat which wasnt overpowering but noticable. S enjoyed them, which was a surprise because he thought he didnt like beans other than Heinz... I didnt try the eggs, bacon or bread but S ate the lot and didnt mention anything negative aside from the slightly dry sausage - so assuming it was all good!

My potato rösti was a bit of a surprise, as I was expecting something thin and crispy, however I got a monster of a chunk! It appeared to be a bit of a rösti sandwich - with the tangy onion jam in between. It was topped with 2 poached eggs, bacon, the lemon wilted spinach and some rocket, parmesan with a generous serve of S&P. The potato rösti was soft and well seasoned. The grated potato wasnt starchy or gloopy, and though the texture felt like the potatoes might be underdone they werent. I think it was a case of the chef having pretty good judgement when to take the rösti off the heat - it could've had a little longer on a higher heat to give it some crunch, as that was definately lacking, but the flavour was good. The onion jam gave the mound of potato some guts, it was tangy and sweet which helped the spuds along - it would have been a very different meal without it!

The eggs were done exactly how I like them, 30seconds past just done. I cannot stand uncooked egg white, its revolting, but I love a mostly runny yolk - I like the edge to be on the verge of going hard, but not quite... they were both cooked to the same "done-ness" and I was very pleased!
The wilted spinach had a lemony sharpness that caught me by surprise, but once you mixed it with the potato base, the rich yolky eggs and the deliciously salty bacon, it was one element in a series, you needed all of them together to make it work. It was really nice. Some may find the sharpness of the lemon a bit much, if you're eating the spinach on its own, but when combined with the other things on the plate, its perfect.

I will definately be going back to Sayers, I'd love to try their tapas style lunch menu. The whole breakfast came to about $50 so its not the cheapest breakfast around, but it was certainly one of the tastiest and well thought out breakfasts Ive had, and for that its worth the extra cost!

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