Thursday, October 13, 2011

Azure, Mt Hawthorn

Couldnt be arsed rummaging around for something for lunch, so S and I decided to check out Mt Hawthorn, since we live 5mins away... We decided on Azure, because S decided he wanted one of their baguettes after checking out the menu that sits outside. The decor is mostly blues and browns and it looks nice. We were sat near the window and were poured some water straight away.

I ordered a steak sandwich, and S got the beef burger - both are the same aside from the meat. I didnt even have a look at the drinks list as I wasnt feeling up to it, after a few wine filled evenings - so cant comment on the quality of the wine list! Noticed that the salt and pepper were in little wooden bowl type things with a spoon which looked cool. However ours didnt have one, and so I wasnt really keen on using any since my first reaction was to use my fingers to get it out, and Im sure others had done the same... Didnt end up needing it anyway!

We get our meals after a longer than normal wait, considering most people in the restaurant were eating already when we came in... I had asked the waitress about their bread and if they make it in house (as they make alot of other things themselves) but no, its from Bakers Delight, and even though it says on the menu the steak sandwich and burger are on foccacia, my waitress informs me that its ciabatta. Im not sure how well she knew the differences between the two? Anyway, it all came out looking good, with a small serve of chips but a mighty sandwich!

The basil mayo was nice and the steak wasnt so tough or badly cut that you had to knaw at it like you do with other steakies Ive had in other places. The bread was crusty and soaked up the juices, and everything inside bread did what it was supposed to. It was a good steakie and I enjoyed it - it wasnt anything to really rave about, but it was as you hope your sanger will be. Id order it again for sure.

The chips were the same story. We know what decent chips are like - these were decent. They didnt blow my mind, they werent worth mentioning during the meal for being great or crappy. They were just how a normal chip is expected to be. I ate them all!

We were a bit full but I had seen their desserts, and you can order the 5 senses of Azure, which is 4 different desserts, either chocolate, strawberry or vanilla. We decided to have a go at the chocolate one, for $17.50 which was specified to only be for one person. S had to go and find someone to take our order, even though someone had come and given us the menus, left, come back and filled our glasses (with the menus now closed and us waiting patiently for our order to be taken) and left again... I had already been waiting about 10mins for them to come and take the order, which wasnt great as I didnt want to be sat there all afternoon waiting.

The dessert looked ridiculously good, and it was certainly NOT a serve for one person. We were instructed to start with the one in the coffee cup, as it ws hot from the oven and would keep cooking so eat it now! It was a chocolate pudding that was just cooked on the top and sides but deliciously molten in the middle. It was RICH and we were both feeling like really, we could have handled just having this.. but we have 3 more!

The 2nd one was a chocolate creme brulee. There was the expected satisfying crack when you tapped the caramel, which gave way to light, creamy chocolate custard. It was very very good. The slightly burnt caramel, with its extra crunch worked brilliantly with the rich creamy chocolate. It was so smooth and light, S really enjoyed this one!

Next up was a chocolate mousse which had some sort of crumb underneath it. It had quite a pile of shaved fennel on top which was an interesting touch! This was so light, rich, and decadent. We were nearing our chocolate threshold but were doing out best! There wasnt enough crumbs at all, it would have been great to have a real crunch to go with the mousse - but it was still really really good! I felt like you had to have quite alot of the fennel with the chocolate to taste it, as the mousse was pretty rich. I dont really like fennel much so gave it a miss, aside from when I tried a bit of it and couldnt taste it, which I was actually pretty pleased about!

Last, but not least, a white chocolate and mint choc chip ice cream on a tuile of unknown flavour. This was a good way to end, because the mint was refreshing when compared to the rich, decadent nature of the previous 3 parts of the dish. It turned out to be quite sweet, but it was a nice change, both in texture and flavour to the rest.

This dessert was pretty special... certainly not for just one person to eat - we struggled with the 2 of us! But absolutely worth trying!

We both enjoyed our meals here, everything was really nice but the dessert was a standout! The service was friendly but slow... all together our meal came to just above $50 which was pricey for lunch however we did splash out on dessert.

Id come back here again for sure, its a bit pricey but what we got, we very much enjoyed.

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