Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Hey guys,

Well, new things are afoot! I have neglected my poor little blog and I think part of the reason was that I had just grown out of it. I don't really like the name anymore, and the way it was set out it's content wasn't really inspiring me to write anymore.

So I changed.

I have a new blog set up, and there will be new content all the time - similar theme to what is going on now, but you'll have access to my twitter/instagram feed as well as articles and blog posts.

I'm going to set myself foodie challenges to have something interesting to write about as well as continue with the recipes etc that I write already.

I just wanted a blog space that reflects me better, and I think the new Pantry in Suburbia does.

Go have a look, I have an RSS feed set up as well as an email subscription, so get on over and subscribe and comment away!

Chat soon!