Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fremantle Bakehouse

One sunny day, while S was at uni, I decided to spend the afternoon in Freo. We live about 30mins away so dont get down to Freo as much as we'd like, but we love it down there. It has a great vibe and lots of cool shops that we love to wander around checking out.

After going to Kakulas Sisters and buying blackberry dijon mustard (which I think would be great with duck), some local organic honey, and some fancy pasta (I could have bought SO MUCH more from there... the selection is overwhelmingly cool), I checked out some foodie shops, didnt buy anything even though it was tempting, and managed to work up a hankering for cake!

I wandered up the cafe strip knowing what I wanted but not sure where to get it. Im not a fan of the big coffee shops and chains like Dome and The Merchant, I like places to be a bit more personal. I ended up at the Fremantle Bakehouse, perusing a pretty decent selection of cakes, pastries and pies.

I decided to go for the wildberry log, a small cake with thick icing and topped with berries, and a skinny flat white.

It kinda looked like most of the cakes had just been sitting in the fridge all day so I wasnt too sure the cake was going to be as awesome as I wanted it to be... I also didnt know what kind of cake or icing it was so it was all a bit of a surprise really!

It turned out to be a deliciously moist orange cake, sweet with lemon icing. The berries on top were pretty sharp which helped out the sweetness of the icing, and were nice and juicy. The cake looked small but there was actually quite a bit of it, as it was pretty dense - but not in a bad way, it was full of flavour and moist. I really enjoyed it!

The coffee came out with the cake and the froth looked a bit crap, but it tasted ok in the end. A touch bitter for my liking but with such a sweet cake it washed down pretty well! Ive had better but it was by no means bad enough to warrant much of a complaint.

The staff were friendly, and it was at about 4pm, an hour before they close so it was really quiet - its usually all hustle and bustle n pretty busy. In total it cost me $9.90 with a eftpos surcharge for it being less than $10, I think it was 20c or something small... For a good price I got a piece of cake that was surprisingly nice and a decent coffee, and would go back to try some of their breads, pies and sausage rolls. They also do cooked breakfasts, fresh juices and sandwiches.

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