Friday, August 10, 2012

You can run!

Even in my days of being in the state basketball squad (not necessarily because I was skilled - not many people tried out, I got in by default), where I was playing sport and swimming almost every day of the week, I have never been a runner. Ever. I struggle to run even a minute or 2. I can play a game of netball without a problem, because I can stop and start all the time, I get a break after a sprint! But tell me just to run as long as I can without stopping - blink and you'll miss it. But I've always WANTED to be able to go running, and like it. Never happened so far though.
I still am not a fabulous runner. However I discovered a program that has really helped me improve my ability to run for longer periods of time, and to cover a respectable distance in a respectable time. For me anyway.
Couch to 5km program/app is what has done it for me. The thing is, you're not expected to run that long. The program works in intervals, you run for 60 seconds and then walk for  90 seconds, and you repeat that for 20 minutes, including a 5 minute walking warm up/cool down. It even SOUNDS less taxing than saying "I'm going for a 3.5km run". Once you've done that 3 times (technically you should do them in a week), you go up a level, and run for a bit longer. Each week the length of time you run increases a bit, and eventually, the walking recovery will decrease.

Why does this work?

For me, it's all mental. If I were to just go out and run, I would feel defeated very quickly. I just can't run that far, and it becomes painfully obvious when you go out that you're just not good at this. C25K tells you to stop and walk. It's not cos you can't do it, this is what the program says. It's challenging, but it's not TOO challenging. You're left feeling like this is a totally achievable amount to run, and it's all over in 30 minutes.

I started to look forward to my runs, and I felt totally energised the following day! Me? A runner? Not yet, but I'm getting there!

The app is free on iPhone and Android - with a paid upgrade to the pro version.


  1. Totally agreed, running for me is more about mental strength than physical fitness. I never used to be able to run at all prior to my dietary intolerance diagnosis. Since cutting out fructose and gluten I have been able to turn myself into a runner! Thats not to say Im any good or fast though!

    1. Wow, how did your intolerance diagnosis change your ability to run? That's really interesting! I have to say that even though I say I go running, I'm the same as you, can't say I'm any good, or fast, but that's not the point! Not doing it to go out there and beat anyone (cos THATS never gonna happen lol), just wanna be healthier. Great that you're in that mindset though!

  2. I always wanted to run but I get so tired so quickly. I looked in to this and loved the sound of it. Im going to DL the app - thank you :)

    1. That's great Nic! Hope you like it! It def worked for me anyway, and I know a few people who have used it and enjoyed it - so hope it's good for you!