Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Project 12

S and I have decided to spice up our lives a bit. Not that there is anything wrong with our lives at all, but we've noticed that on the weekends were at a bit of a loss for something to do, and tend to revert back to doing the same old thing. We eat out a fair bit, we play squash once or twice a week, I go out and play netball, he goes running, I organise the Perth Clandestine Cake Club with a friend... We're not bored, but we could do with something different.

So the other day S came home with a book called "Losing my virginity 52 times" by David Thieck, an Australian guy who decided to do something new, that he had never done before, each week of the year. His suggestion - lets do that! But adapt it, as one new thing a week is a lot! 

So we've decided to make a bit of a theme each month and do AT LEAST one new thing a month, that at least one of us hasn't done before, for a year! Hence the name, Project 12. I'm pretty excited about the possibilities!

So for September, were getting active! We're already reasonably active anyway but it's doing pretty run of the mill stuff. Our aim is to find active things to do in Perth that we've never done before, for all of September!

Any suggestions!?


  1. You could renovate a house then you wont have time to play sport and you'll be too exhausted to eat out lol. Sorry Im not bitter at all (maybe just a little jealous!). Id recommend going to a rodeo if you havent before its really fun, camp there the night and have a country good time :)

    1. LOL Michelle, renovating a house holds NO appeal whatsoever to me, I am so indecisive as it is, having to choose doorknobs and roof colours and sand things, n remove wallpaper... ugh. It's awesome though that you get everything exactly how you want it though, but I don't have the patience to do it! You have my full respect!!