Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Recipes I MUST try!

This is a list as much for you readers to see some new recipes, as it is for me, to remember the recipes that have caught my eye and that I want to make! Feel free to add some of your own in the comments section!

There will be more to come!

Chocolate self saucing pudding
GUILTY pleasure that its made in about 10 minutes AND cooked in the microwave! Good lord.

Zebra cake
Looks so impressive for so little effort!

Eggless marble cake
A good friend of mine is allergic to eggs, and so she often misses out on cakes! This is unacceptable. I will make this one for her!


  1. Thanks a million for the link to the chocolate pudding - it will be perfect for my nephew (14) who must be the messiest baker in Ireland - perhaps everything going into just one bowl will help!!!

    1. No worries! I think thats going to be a recipe I give to S as well, sometimes he gives me that puppy dog look when he wants chocolate so I might print this off and stick it on the fridge and send him on his way when he needs a fix! lol Id love to know how your nephew goes, see how "boy proof" the recipe really is!