Friday, June 4, 2010


Have stumbled across some pretty awesome art today... I wish it was more affordable, I would love to buy some Banksy prints, I haven't seen one that I haven't liked, I love the messages in them.

World Wide Trap by Blu

I love this one... I feel its an accurate representation of society and popular culture... People are so easily streamlined into a certain way of living - wake up, work for a person you don't like doing a job you dont enjoy, to earn money for an expensive house in an area you live in because it sounds good when you say it to people, a car that you can feel a bit cool in, and nice things in your house so people are impressed when they come over. To me, its a dig at the "right" life. Married with kids in a nice house with a stable career... throw a dog in there and you've got it made. However the name suggests peoples reliance on the internet, that people can only connect with others through electronic means rather than using social skills. Which is also true... either way - love it.
Napalm (Cant beat that feeling) by Banksy
Pretty powerful image, which I dont think needs any explanation at all...

No Ball Games - Banksy

This isnt the original image, there are a few variations but this is the one that struck me the most. Kids aren't playing that much anymore... its all computer games, social networking sites and electronic games over real games outside. Its pretty sad. The whole world is in a pretty sad state of affairs to be honest. Western culture is knackered, because everyones becoming Americanised and look how well thats turned out. 3rd world is equally knackered, because they're being exploited by the greed of the west who can never get enough. But thats looking really quite far into the image. Its simply, for me, an accurate reflection on the stay of play in childrens lives. It comes from the big square babysitter.

Anatomy of Love - Paul Insect

I just like the colours... art isnt always about messages and social commentary. Sometimes I just like how things look. You can look into this piece loads, there are heaps of messages you can draw out of it. However the first thing I thought was simply that I liked how this picture looked.. and who doesn't enjoy a celebration of love? Regardless of whos involved - gay straight black white old young... Love is Love, and should be surrounded by pattern and colour!

Toxic Mary - Banksy
What are we feeding our kids? Most of the time people dont even know whats in the food they feed their family... A common phrase is " you know XXXX gives you cancer..." and the common reply? "Everything gives you cancer these days..." said often jokingly or with a nonchalant tone. Since when does cancer become so casual? Our food and environments are toxic, we dont know whats in half the things we eat, or whats in the air we breathe, and its only once people start to get sick that we ask questions. The same happened with asbestos, and smoking... in the not so distant future we are going to be looking back at the habits of the population and think "how could we have been so stupid?"...


  1. Great post - would love to have some of these prints, particularly the "no ball games".

  2. yeah no ball games was my favourite, and most relevant to me considering im a PE teacher! but all the Banksy prints are at least 300 pounds (no ball games was 450!) and sold out anyway... i might make one of my own thats similar, if i can lol

  3. We've long been inspired by urban art and have finally created a collection that pays homage to this secret addiction of ours!