Monday, June 7, 2010

Mustard Pork w/ Gnocchi

This was one of the recipes that I decided to make this week for dinner, on my little spree of organisation! Its one of Nigellas recipes, which you can find here, on her website!

Anyway despite what the ingredients say, I used a couple of slightly different ones! I wanted to use up some mustard made with Newcastle Brown Ale, and Ive decided that I dont think I like it! Its a bit too sharp for me, in an acidic way, if it were sharp in a horseradish type way it would be different, but its not. It has a funny aftertaste as well, which I think is because of the beer... I also had no cream but that was by choice, I didnt want to buy cream, so I used a bit of sour cream I already had, with a splash of low fat milk. It also said to deglaze the pan with cider, again, had none (unusual in my house lol), musta drank it all! So I used a splash of apple juice and water... anyway the sauce wasnt bad but it was overpowered by the mustard that I didnt like. Next time ill use a different mustard, and I think rather than cider Ill use white wine... the apple juice didnt really work for me, and I know white wine would... So next time its wine! The gnocchi was alright, but it really needs to be bought to life with something, its so bland! I still have 2/3 of a pack left so im going to have to find ways to use it that are delicious! Its in the freezer though so no hurry, Ill save it for one of those days where I have no food and no money :P
I also made a salad with red cabbage, apple, red onion and beetroot. I seasoned it, gave it a squeeze of lemon and put it in the fridge to let the salt take the juices out and make a little marinade. I keep reading on the forum that people braise their red cabbage in apple juice so I thought Id try that, but I think Ive decided today that I dont really like to cook with apple juice! It was alright, nice with the pork for sure, but the apple juice just tastes a bit
funky... So Im still looking for ways to use my red cabbage! Though the salad is pretty nice thats for sure, itll be even nicer tomorrow when I take it to school!


  1. Don't get any of that salad on your clothes!!!

    I am planning on making gnocchi in the near future, but after your comments, I plan to fill them with loads of herbs!

    Pity about the mustard ruining a wonderful meal.

  2. i made gnocchi once and i wouldnt bother again lol it came out pretty gluggy... but yeah LOAD it with herbs and flavour as they are pretty bland... but yeah the mustard is crappy, ill prob chuck it (though its nice in sausage rolls!)

    the salad is prety nice hey - would go well with some nice white fish, a ceviche or something, the colour would be awesome as would the flavours/texture... pity i dont have a soft spot for ceviche :P

  3. Wow, gnocchi! I love them but I've never made them! I like gnocchi with cream and blue cheese! Try this way nex time!