Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Are a fab band.... I dont listen to them THAT often, but every now and again its the only band that I can listen to, and I never get sick of them. They have great lyrics, and I find I can relate to alot of them, in my own way (obviously not always the same as 2 pommy brothers who drink and fight :P).

but Oasis.... are a band to be remembered.

Half the World Away
a song that I relate to in many many ways! I love this song...

Champagne Supernova
beautiful, cool...

short but sweet

a classic good mood song!

another one you cant help singing along to and feeling a bit rock n roll!

seriously, sometimes only Oasis will do....

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  1. Strangely, especially given that they come from an area of Manchester barely 5 miles from me, Oasis leave me relatively cold, though I don't mind some of their stuff. However, I do rather like Kasabian, who are after all basically Oasis-alikes (wannabes ?) Perhaps I'm too much of a wimp for Oasis and their live reputation: at a Kasabian gig you get the swagger (and the without the outright aggression. Unfortunately, you also get the throwing of open containers of warm, yellowish liquid... bleeeuurrchhh ! I fear that may also be the case at the Green Day stadium gig next month...