Sunday, June 20, 2010

South Africa!!

Ive gone and booked my holiday for November, to South Africa and Singapore! 2 of my South African friends lived in Perth for a while, and while living here made friends from all around the world, so for their wedding all their friends they had while living in Australia have been invited to Cape Town! Which means theres crew from all over Australia, Finland, Canada, America, Germany... We'll all start out in Cape Town and then travel around for a week or so from there, camping etc. Ill be there a month, about 2 weeks for the wedding and 2 more weeks to travel around a bit further once most people have gone home. Another bonus, I have some South African friends that I met while I was in Holland, so I'll get the chance to go and visit them as well!

After my month in South Africa I'll be heading to Singapore to stay with a friend for 4 days... He has promised me glorious street food and a flat screen TV with cable haha! So I can imagine days gorging on amazing food and then crashing out on the couch for movies cos we're too full to move! I cant wait!!

When I came home from the Netherlands at the end of 2008, I was pretty devastated, I wasnt ready to come home, I didn't WANT to come home, because Amsterdam WAS home... I loved it, found a place I really loved and could call home. Then I had to come back to Australia and study and it was one of the hardest years of my life. The post graduate diploma I did was intense and alot of work, on top of that I just wanted to go back to Holland. Now almost 2 years on, I still miss Holland but I'm feeling fine about where I am. However today when I booked my tickets to Cape Town and Singapore, I was elated. I then realised that this is what makes me happy - travelling. Going on holidays makes everyone happy, but I feel like its a little bit more to me. Most people love travelling but also put having a home high on their list of priorities. Being settled, having a nice house with nice things... And don't get me wrong, thats nice. But I get tired of it, I have an inability to sit still, I dont like being in one place too long. It can be a lonely existance, moving on all the time, but I dont mind it really. But I think I realised that being here, where I am, and teaching, is fine, and I could be fine doing what I'm doing. But its when I do something like book a ticket that I just feel alive again. I feel like what I'm doing now is existing. Then when I'm off to a new place, I'm living again...

I really can't wait!


  1. Wonderful ! Does it fit in with school holidays or will you give up the job and look for another when you get back ?

  2. Hi Jaxstar, yes I'd like to know how you fit it in around the school hols? (I'm an ex-teacher!) I am really taken in with the romantic allure of travelling but in reality I prefer to stay put, even in holiday time. Where do you consider home?
    I accidentally made an 'African' coffee cake the other day (only because I'm impatient!)...

  3. it fits in with school hols... mostly! i already asked the principal for leave adn while its not official he said it wouldnt be a problem.. its the last 2 weeks of school, so reports will already have been done and so the kids, and i, wont be missing much!

    and where do i consider home? i guess home is the little great southern town a grew up, but i couldtn live there now, not for an extended time i dont think...

  4. I'm a bit of a home bird too (always have been) more than one week away from home is too much for me!!!!!

    I really admire your get up and go :-}}