Saturday, May 8, 2010

Fave pics of around the place...

All the following photos were taking at Stirling Range National Park by me, on the way to Albany one day... its a really stunning place, if you get the chance, have a drive through!

These pics were taken by me in Albany, at The Gap, a stunning place in any season!

All the following photos were taken by me, at my parents place one summer while working

Our rusty old doorbell - still works!


  1. Beautiful photos! When I visited Perth I only got as far south as Walpole and the giant trees.

  2. oh yeah thats really nice too.. thats pretty far south though, you did well!! its really pretty around there too... i remember i was driving home from down there once and the trees were so tall around the road and there was a parking place and so i pulled over just to have a better look and it was SO quiet, all you could hear was birds and, well nothing, complete silence - it was perfect :)

  3. Stunning photos - you have a fantastic talent!