Monday, May 10, 2010

Music I can't get sick of...

even though I try my hardest to play these songs to death! You cannot be anything but happy listening to these tunes...

Kings of Leon - Taper Jean Girl

The Kinks - You really got me (the video is gold!)

Kasabian - Fast Fuse

The Wombats - Lets dance to joy division

Steppenwolf - Magic carpet ride

The Subways - Oh yeah

ACDC - If you want blood (Bon Scott - pure rock n roll)

The Black Keys - Countdown

Ash Grunwald - Breakout

I could go on... But Im tired and if I listen to such cool music any longer ill wake up and wanna party!


  1. Oh yeeeaaahhh Jax !! The Kinks - I was a teen when they started and I loved loved LOVED them ! I interviewed Ray Davies for the uni newspaper and they ran the entire interview uncut spread over two issues (front page stuff !)

    Steppenwolf too - and not Born to be Wild for once (though who could forget that).

    And AC/DC - went to a FAB tribute band concert recently with a really good Bon Scott.

    Must give the others a listen... For sheer good-time dancing with a crowd of friends, I reckon Livin' on a Prayer is unbeatable.

  2. haha livin on a prayer is an aussie pub classic! woooooooooooah were half way there WOOOOOAH! LIIIVIN ON A PRAYER! haha always have a sore throat after that one :D

    The kinks are one of my fave bands... im only 25 but i love love love them tooooo! My mum asked for some new music on her ipod and i started playing mine and she was like no i said i wanted NEW music not stuff i already know! hehe

    I went to the acdc concert in perth - amazing! if it wasnt so cold in my lounge id say that the memory gave me goosebumps but i think its just the cold :P