Saturday, February 4, 2012

Toast - Take 2

Why am I always hungover when I go to Toast? I think it's likely because when Im hungover, I have very specific needs, I crave certain things. If I go out to get something to satisfy these hungover cravings, and it falls short, or its not what I expected - I pretty much just have to go and find something else. I can eat all day if Im hungover - not great for the waistline!

We usually head to Toast because its a safe option. I'm pretty sure I'm going to get what I want there. So again, I'm hungover and have slunk into Toast for breakfast. Im not going the healthy option this time... I want eggs benedict. I want iced coffee with ice cream.

We sat down inside, toward the back hidden from the hot sun. As usual, the water we were given was room temp and not cold, which irks me. Its also in a really small bottle - at first I thought it was cute. Now I just wish they'd be like everyone else and have those big flip top glass bottles that give you more than 2 glasses of water.. 

Anyway, we checked out the menu, I went for eggs benedict n fresh OJ, S got the roast beef foccacia and a cappucino.

Our food came out first, which was strange - we were watching the girl behind the counter and she was in no hurry to make our drinks. She was cleaning stuff up, going off and doing something else, coming back n not really doing anything. It was like she was purposely waiting to make our drinks. Maybe Toast wants you to get your drinks and food together? I dunno. I just know I was thirsty, and irritated that she wasn't making my juice. We got it eventually - the OJ was room temp as well. I wasn't pleased about that at all, I really wanted an ice cold drink, it was stinking hot outside. They don't do cold things well at Toast... That aside though, it was a nice juice, sweet with a tang of sourness. I've had better OJ but I've also certainly had worse!

My eggs benny was good - pretty standard. I would have loved more tang in the sauce, it was slightly too creamy for my taste. I like the acidity to work against the richness of the egg yolk, so I noticed it's absence. It was still nice though, with a generous crack of pepper and sea salt. The muffins were buttered, the ham was tasty and had been grilled, and the eggs were poached nicely - a little bit of water caught in a pocket which I don't like but hey, it was only a small amount! I enjoyed it, but would ask next time for an extra squeeze of lemon.

S thought his foccacia was tasty, but stingy on the fillings. It was very thinly sliced roast beef with red capsicum, onion, tomato, lettuce, cheese... pretty sure there was a chilli jam of some kind. It was really tasty, the chilli jam giving it a good kick which he loves, and added a nice sweetness. Would have been great with chunky roast beef slices and a more generous filling, as there was nothing wrong with the flavour.

I felt pretty satisfied, didn't hit the spot 100% but it was close enough... I was feeling the need for a head clearing iced coffee. I hoped it wasn't going to be a syrup job, which I hate. I ordered (ice cream, no cream), got it soon after. Pleased to report it was made with fresh coffee and LOTS of it! It was really strong, just what I wanted but I can imagine its not to everyones taste. Once the ice cream melts though, its much more balanced, and I totally nailed it. Gone in 5mins. I felt a bit sick to be honest but I think that's more to do with the hangover than anything else! It was ice cold. There was coffee. There was ice cream. It was what I needed.

Again, we had a good meal at Toast. A few minor little things here and there but again, it was a safe option for breakfast. I really must go there without a hangover... and when its not steaming hot outside... These factors aside, I've enjoyed all my visits to Toast, and would go back.

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