Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Must Wine Bar - Margaret River

After a 3 hour drive down the Margaret River, Must Wine Bar was our very first stop for a late dinner. The staff were all very accommodating considering it was 9pm when we came in! There were loads of people ordering late as well so we didn't feel too out of place!

We ordered the charcuterie plate, and the french stick with olive tapenade to start with, and while the boys ordered beers, the girls shared a bottle of local shiraz.

Please excuse the horrible photos! All I had was my phone camera...

Anyway the charcuterie plate was really nice, there was a pickled pork and parsley terrine, pork rillette with cornichons, olive tapenade and pate en croute with chutney. All were delicious! I don't even like pate and I could eat theirs... The standout for me was the rillette, it was creamy and tasty, and tasted delicious with the cornichons. The terrine was nice, plenty of fresh parsley and was great on crusty bread.

For mains I ordered duck with spinach, black pig bacon, apple and an apple vinegar sauce, and S ordered the burger which came highly recommended from TFP and Juji Chews

The duck was tasty, and it fell off the bone it was so tender. The sauce wasn't as sharp as I would have liked but was still good, esp with the potatoes that were hidden under the duck! The bacon was salty and crispy, which went really nicely with the spinach which was plain, but delicious!

S loved his burger! I had a bite and was a bit jealous. It was delicious. The standout flavour was the char on the patty, it was just so nice! It didn't fall apart and the fillings were juicy and moreish. Food envy.

We figured that since we're all away on holiday, we should push the boat out, splurge a bit, indulge! So we went for dessert. I chose the cinnamon creme brulee with green apple sorbet, S got the triple choc brownie with raspberry swirl ice cream... The desserts in my opinion were the best thing we had. Everyone tried my green apple sorbet and decided that it was totally amazing. It was so appley and fresh, but without being sharp.. It was creamy, but still maintained a refreshing flavour... It blew us all away, but then to have some paired with the cinnamon creme brulee, was like dessert crack. It was amazing! There is the obvious pleasure in cracking the caramel surface, followed by the creamy cinnamon custard... yuuuuum! Mix the 2 together and it was like the best apple pie EVER!

Everyone died a little bit when they tried some of the brownie. It was moist, chocolatey, rich... all the things you need a brownie to be. Theres not much to be said about it to be honest. It was just delicious.

I'd go back to Must, its expensive but its one of the better eating establishments in Margaret River. My usual dining options when I head down that way is to stock up on nibbles, cheese and small goods and drink my wine at home, but I might head to Must for dinner again!

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