Saturday, February 4, 2012

Cranked - $25 Steak Night

Everyone loves a good steak... and everyone loves a steak night. We've walked past the sign at Cranked, Leederville a million times, noticing their $25 steak night on Thursdays, and thinking it looked like a good deal. When Botanica was fully booked for their $10 steak night, we decided to give this one a go! We didn't need to book, when we rang up the woman on the phone didn't take our name or anything, she just told us to come down. When we got there, it wasn't that busy at all, so easy to get a table.

We both ordered the steak, which comes with a loaded stuffed potato, onion rings, and sirloin steak with red wine jus - an added bonus, you get a middy of their tap beer (which is Little Creatures Pale Ale I think) or a glass of house red/white wine.

Drinks came out pretty quickly, and our food came out after about 10minutes. I got the white wine, and I cant remember what it was, but it tasted pretty standard for a house wine. Nothing special, perfectly drinkable, but not something I sought after...

Our meals looked good - I would have liked a bit of salad but hey, it wasn't advertised so there you go. Our meals looked the same, aside from the fact that S had a bit of his steak that wasn't even close to being cooked. Raw as raw can be, I poked it and it was cold... Hmmm...

Aside from that, our meals were both good. S had a bit of sinew in his steak and I didn't really have any but on a cheap steak night you come to expect that. The steak was still tender and didn't feel like you were chewing through leather like you sometimes get! The steaks were of a good size and both were cooked really well (aside from that raw bit!)

The potato was stuffed with bacon, onion and fetta, and was really tasty. They didn't get stingy on the fillings, it had generous chunks of fetta, which added a welcome hit of salt and creaminess. After my last experience at Cranked, I was expecting the potato to be less than generous on the fillings as I had found with my omelette, however I was happy to be wrong!

The onion rings were my favourite bit though! Big chunks of red onion, crumbed and fried, they were delicious when used to mop up the red wine jus, crunchy and sweet. The onions didnt have a raw flavour at all, and they weren't difficult to eat at all - sometimes you bite into them and end up getting all the onion coming out of the ring. Not so here! 

I'd go back for sure. There wasn't much of a vibe there, it was pretty quiet compared to breakfast times, but we both enjoyed our meals, they were a good size and mostly well made!

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