Friday, January 18, 2013

Plans for the future...

There is big change going on in Perth at the moment. A lot of awesome new places opening, there are loads of cool new concepts being explored and Perth is becoming a vibrant and busy city!

The downside of this is, and I guess the mining boom (with FIFO workers flocking back for a week in the city with a fistful of cash and 3 weeks worth of wound up 12 hour shifts style steam to blow off), everything is expensive.

I went to the Belgian Beer Cafe in the city a while back and ordered 4 beers. It cost me about $70. WTF?!


So many awesome places opening, small bars, restaurants........... It's hard to come by a decent glass of wine for less than $10.

Don't get me started on the red tape binding everyone hands. There are taxes and charges for everything. Every-fucking-thing. 


Pay to submit paperwork, no guarantee you'll get anywhere.

I think it's bullshit. There are so many useless government departments (plenty of useful ones I should add), taking loads of money off young, driven, passionate Western Australians. I call shenanigans. This red tape is suffocating the innovation that young people are capable of!

I've never really been one to pay charges and fees for nothing. 
I don't wanna fill out a million forms for nothing.

During my time in Bali I saw so many people seeing a gap, or using what they were good at and setting up something small and doing what they do. All they needed was a cart, or a small space. I loved seeing it, and reminded me of how IMPOSSIBLE that is here in Perth. There are good reasons for some things, I understand the need for health and safety etc. But we are on red tape over drive.

It inspired me to do what I do. To find a space and do it.

WITHOUT all the restrictions. 
WITHOUT the need for a huge amount of money.

I went to an art exhibition about Paris, Moulin Rouge, the artist was depicting life in the underbelly of this creative capital. All the underground bars, performances, food and drink...

Perth could totally use a place to go that's cheap, with good food, and a relaxed vibe. That has the charm of a small bar, all the fun things a small bar offers, with fun, good food, but you're not leaving $200 poorer.

I can see this niche and I can see how I can fill it, without giving all my money and time to a government department. 

Money will be going somewhere worthwhile. Whatever money you DO pay, will be going to places you can feel good about.

Watch this space!


  1. I'm so excited for you & what you have in store.

    1. Me too - I'm excited that I can do what I want, at my own pace! Things will grow, but when I have time for them to!

  2. It all starts with a dream, you have the vision you can make it happen!
    I hear you on the prices and that's why I was really shocked at the Crown on the weekend, I actually got change from a $20 for a pint of cider and glass of champers came in at about $15 - at all 3 bars I went to. The extra charges in the taxi home however made up for that small saving I made ... Oh and the money I lost in the 2 up ring! Good times :)

    1. It really gets you when you go over east, I agree. I was shocked that the minibar in a cheap motor inn was charging $5 for a Crownie, SO CHEAP! They thought it was expensive!! Whaaat?!

  3. Ooh, exciting?!? Can't wait to get back to Perth and see what you have done with the place ;) miss you x

    1. Any idea when you might end up back here??

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