Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter with a full belly!

Easter sunday was spent packing up our house, and then in the evening we had a delicious roast duck dinner with Carolanne and her fella... I bought along hot cross bun bread and butter pudding, and hot cross bun ice cream... 

A mountain of potatoes, seasoned with maldon salt, parmesan, pepper and chives...

Delicious roasted (in duck fat no less!) purple carrot, parsnip and potatoes a la Carolanne.

Bread and butter pud before the custard went on.

 The fab local produce I used to make the BnB pud. Amazing milk and cream from Sunnydale (available from Subiaco Farmers Market, Farmer Jacks in Subiaco, The Herdsman in Wembley, amongst other places).

I also had a go at making honey madelines, without a madeline tin! I just used a "muffin top" tray instead. They were pretty tasty..

Hope you all had a great long weekend, a happy easter and are managing to move after all the delicious food that was eaten!


  1. Looks like you all had a great Easter feast! Food looks and sounds amazing. Good food and great company is all you need :)

  2. Yep we had a big feast, roast duck was deliciously filling followed up by hot cross bun desserts, we were stuffed! But always room for more wine!

  3. Happy Easter!

    I had no idea Maggie Beer had a chocolate and salted caramel ice-cream! I could totally smash a litre of that right now!! :)

    xox Sarah

  4. Yeah its new apparently! It's very nice.. bf and I smashed back a tub n then laid on the couch in a delicious chocolate coma haha