Sunday, September 25, 2011

Breakfast with Benefits

Ive decided that Im going to host an event for Breakfast with Benefits, a Pink Ribbon initiative to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer. You host a breakfast wherever you like, for however many people you like, and you get your guests to donate money which goes toward breast cancer research. You can get them to donate any way you like, a gold coin/note donation, you can have games they can pay to enter, they can pay for certain dishes they'd like to eat... the sky is the limit!You sign up on their website and you can get people to donate through there as well if they'd prefer.

Im still not 100% sure how I'd like to set mine up... Im thinking about doing a set course brunch, or having a choice of breakfast tasting plates, or just having a bit of a buffet set up. I guess it depends on the amount of people I would be expecting... But I've been thinking of the dishes I could include...

Baked spiced ricotta, with natural honey and walnuts on toasted sourdough
Buttermilk pancakes with poached plums
Bagels with smoked salmon, and fresh herb scrambled eggs
Roast balsamic field mushrooms with fetta, spinach and pangratatto
Porridge with apple compote and oat crumble
Bacon and egg baguettes with tomato chutney
Grilled stone fruits with citrus mascapone
Chipolatas, bacon and homemade beans w/ toasted sourdough
Rolled oats, greek yoghurt, natural honey and fresh fruit/nuts

Fresh filter coffee
Fresh OJ
Loose leaf tea

How do those menu items sound to you guys? I wouldnt do them all, but Id choose a couple from this list! The beauty of most of these is that they can have alot of the work done in advance, or the work involved at the time, is minimal...

Id also like to get some awesome suppliers to donate some of the produce, and make up some small hampers that people can buy, including things like jams, breads, olives, eggs, wine etc. Id use as much local produce as I could, Bannister Downs milk, free range Eggs by Ellah, local honey (there are quite a few to choose from), Loafers organic bread, local meat (there are loads of great butchers in Perth! Jus head to Subiaco Farmers Market on Saturdays to see a couple!) to name but a few! Id likely get my veges from The Organic Collective who are great, and I get my weekly veges from them anyway...

I may even do it over a few days, the same thing each day but with different guests, to make it a cosy atmosphere. It would also be great to get some of the perth bloggers to come along, the whole point of the event is to raise awareness about breast cancer, and how great would it be to get the support of well known bloggers who could spread the word?!

Would love to hear your thoughts on the whole thing! Ideas, suggestions, reality checks welcome!

Here is my donations page


  1. Hey, this sounds amazing and any help you need, I would be delighted to help. I used to work a lot with Breast Cancer Awareness in Ireland. Love the idea!! I would go for the porridge with apple compote and crumble. Oh, and the Chipolatas, bacon and homemade beans w/ toasted sourdough. Actually, I really like everything on your list c.a. xx

  2. Thanks so much for your comment! Once I nut out a few more details and get the official page set up ill be in touch - would really love to get a Perth bloggers breakfast set up, that would be awesome :)

    Im actually a bit hungry looking at those dishes now, I love them all, how will I choose!?