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Kitsch Bar - Leederville

Last night my bf and I decided to go out, on the spur of the moment. He was googling places that were close by and came up with Kitsch Bar, that we had never heard of, in Leederville. The menu looked cool so we rang up for a reservation. The guy we spoke to said that they were busy, but to call 30mins before we'd get there, he'd see how they were going and they'd reserve something for us, if not to have another drink or take our time getting there. He was quite accomodating and very friendly. We got there amid a staff member telling some customers lining up that they had no table as yet, but have a drink and when a table comes up we'll come get you. Take note, its a busy place! Book ahead!!

Graphics from the Kitsch Bar website, which gives an indication of the decor inside.

We got straight in and were shown to a table. Well it wasnt a table really, it was some wood sticking out from the wall, with another smaller platform above it for putting drinks etc. The table was REALLY small... It was also REALLY dark, we needed to use our phones to read the menu, which wasnt ideal! We ordered some drinks, which came out quickly, and our food ordered were taken quickly as well.

We ordered;
sechuan peppered duck, w/green apple, and ginger salad and candied chilli
spiced green papaya salad w/peanuts, cherry tomatoes and sweet, salty pork ribs
steamed pork dumplings w/hot chilli sauce and sticky soya
serve of rice 

Our table was really small and so we were a bit worried about all our food coming out and it not fitting, but the waiter told us that the food comes out as its ready, and so more than likely we'd manage it. We got the duck and pork dumplings first, as well as a serve of rice which pretty much filled our table! Our drinks were on the little platform above, and we had no more room! But we were managing.

The duck was SO GOOD!! It was crispy and crunchy, deliciously salty peppered skin, and the meat was easy to pick off the bones. My bf didnt talk much during this part of the meal, he loves fried chicken and so fried duck was pretty special in his eyes! I let him have his moment with the duck. The salad it came with was really nice, it was nice n sharp, really lemony which was great with the fatty salty richness of the duck.

The pork dumplings were really small, smaller than we expected for $10. They looked cute though, and they had a little dollop of spicy chilli sauce drizzled with sticky soy sauce. While they were small, they were tasty, and the sauce that came with them in a little spoon was good, I couldnt put my finger on what it was, but it was nice! Just wish they were bigger!
Pork Dumplings (Photo courtesy of
The green papaya salad we both didnt really like... to be honest, Ive never had it before so dont know what its meant to taste, like but I had high expectations because so many people have gone on about it. I found it too heavy on the fish sauce, and the other elements of the salad didnt add much to it, there were no other flavours t hat really stood out, and I found it quite unexciting. The pork ribs though were really nice, sticky and sweet, slow cooked to falling apart deliciousness! However, it was so dark that we couldnt see where the little bones etc were so it could have been a danger! Would love to order it again but without the salad... There was alot of it, and considering we werent huge fans of it, less of it would have been better!

Green papaya salad w/pork ribs (Photo courtesy of
We had a great night at Kitsch. The vibe was really cool and we loved the way it was decorated. It had a really good feel to it, everyone in there was laughing and having a great time, we found the service to be friendly and generally prompt. Our waiter was very laid back, always had a smile on his face, he had a chat to us about the phone I was using, and was generally very friendly. The guy in charge of FOH was also very friendly, stopping by for a quick chat.

Beer garden at Kitch (Photo courtesy of
For another great review of Kitsch check out this great review from Spicy Ice Cream.

Unfortunately I didnt take any of my own pictures at Kitsch, because we were planning on heading out later on and I didnt want to take my SLR out with  me. I wasnt going to bother using my phone to take pics because it was simply too dark for my phone to capture any kind of quality image. So I used others that I found on the web and have given full credit for all of them.

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