Saturday, July 23, 2011

Grill'd Burgers, Joondalup

On thursday, after Id returned from a long drive home from the small country town I grew up, I felt pretty weird. For some reason I felt like I hadn't eaten in days (which is very clearly not the case). You know when you get sick and you dont eat much, and the day after you've recovered, you could eat for Australia? Thats how I felt. We were planning on going out to a japanese place, however I decided that I was in a burger mood. We headed to Grill'd, Joondalup.

I didnt even know what to choose, they had alot of items on the menu. I often go for any burger with beetroot in it - a burger isnt a burger without beetroot. At Grill'd, alot of them have it so I was spoilt for choice! I ended up with the Wild Wild West burger ($13.50), which at any other establishment would be an aussie burger. It had egg, bacon, beetroot beef patty, cheese, herbed mayo and relish. My bf ordered the same, with a regular chips ($4.30, which anywhere else would be a large - it was big!), and all 3 sauces (.70c each, sweet chilli aioli, herbed mayo and tomato relish).

The burger was SO nice, it was exactly what I felt like eating! It was messy, definately not first date food! The patty was juicy and really tasty, it had plenty of everything in it, and I chose to have panini bread rather than regular bread, which was really good. The chips were crispy, well cooked, and delish, with herb salt. The dipping sauces were nice, the sweet chilli aioli isnt spicy, but its creamy and tasty, the tomato relish was great, tangy and a nice contrast to the aioli. I didnt really like the herbed mayo, it tasted like it had something powdered in it, which tasted kinda strange. It was also a bit much because it was in the burger, and the herbs were on the chips. Herb overload! However it tastes good in the burger as its more of a background flavour.

We'd both definately go back, it was a good sized meal and left me satisfied! There are lots of other burgers to try, and if they're anything like the burger I had, Ill be happy to go back and eat more of them!!

Grill'd is located just outside Lakeside Shopping centre, opposite Grand Cinemas and The Sovereign Arms pub. Photo is c/o the Grill'd website.

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