Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Funghi Pizza - Urban Bakehouse

At first glance on the menu, this seems like just another mushroom pizza. How wrong I was.

Where do I even start? The base was chewy and opposed my knife and fork - this was lip smacking finger food! The big chunks of field mushroom were juicy and the tastiest I've ever had them, my bf and I were looking at each other with mouthfuls of pizza wide eyed. How does a mushroom taste so good??

It turns out the shrooms are cooked in the oven with some garlic and S&P, until they're 3/4 done, then theyre put into another container with balsamic vinegar to allow the mushrooms to soak up the rich dark deliciousness. These are then sliced, and added to the pizza when ordered (all made fresh to order of course!).

The pizza was then topped with cacciatore, mozzarella and aged cheddar (as opposed to gorgonzola, which I'm not a fan of, which the chef graciously agreed to change for me) and then grilled, golden and bubbly in the pizza oven.

It was without a doubt, the best mushroom dish I've eaten! Juicy, tasty mushrooms, crispy sausage, golden cheese and a thin chewy base. Perfect.

Go to the Urban Bakehouse in Clarkson, Perth.
Worth the drive.

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Review was written for Mushroom Mania, a month of celebrating the humble mushroom! You can win $100 for reviewing a mushroom dish you've eaten! Winner!!

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