Monday, May 16, 2011

Long time between drinks...

It has been a very long time since I last blogged... I was living in this little town with not much to do really, but work, cook, watch tele and blog. However things have changed ALOT since then!

I was only ever on a temporary contract at my old school but was unsure whether or not I would be asked back - turns out the school had their staffing allocation cut, and no secondary teachers were hired, aside from the core they already had - so now with one less teacher, they're actually a bit understaffed. But oh well, I did a fair bit of relief teaching there which was cool, as well as at another nearby school just outside of Perth, who ended up offering me a whole terms worth of relief for a long service leave cover. Its pretty awesome as Im teaching English and SOSE which Im loving. The English not so much, as its quite specific and upon inspection of what I had planned to teach (with very little direction from the other English teacher - read, none) was told it wasn't good enough at all. However, no one has come in to tell me what I should be doing instead... So I'm just going ahead with what I had planned! The kids are a bit rough sometimes, but Im getting used to them, and them me. They're realising Im here for the whole term and I think they like me :)

Now because of the uncertainty of my work situation this year, and how much relief work I would get, or when/if I would get offered a permanent position, I decided to enrol again at uni, and worst case scenario I could study full time, get Centrelink and at least be able to pay the rent! Turns out I got plenty of relief work but hey, silver lining, Im now studying a Graduate Certificate of Behaviour Management and Im really enjoying it. Im finding the work really interesting, relevant and I feel like my teaching is improving because of it, which obviously makes it alot less stressful day to day! Im actually meant to be writing an assignment now, but the internet is failing me and Im feeling quite uninspired... I churned out alot over the weekend and am struggling to carry it on!

Another new addition to my life - a boyfriend, who I now live with. All happened quite fast - but he's amazing, and were both really happy living together :)

Thats about it for the update on my life at the moment, but Ill write more often and post pics of stuff n things...

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