Monday, January 2, 2012

New Years Resolutions

Everyones got new years resolutions, so I figured Id better get on the bandwagon and figure out how to make my life, which is already pretty good, better. Im not trying to change the world, just trying to make smaller adjustments in my life that I can keep up.

1) Eat healthier (thats a no brainer after xmas) - more specifically I plan to eat more good quality meat (free range, local, sustainable) but less often as its quite expensive, and focus on seasonal, local fruit n veg. Eat more seafood, try meat free mondays (dunno how S will take that one!). I cant afford to eat this brilliant quality meat every day, and its better for me, and for the environment to eat less of it. Portion sizes must go down as well!

2) Exercise more (also a no brainer!) - which doesnt mean paying for a gym membership and never going, but to make my lifestyle more active, to incorporate exercise without it always being a concious decision - Bike to the shops, go to the beach with a frisbee/football etc, go walk around the lake.

3) Get more balance in my life - do new things, meet new people, see the friends who WANT to see me, keep in touch with far away friends better, make more of an effort with making the house a home. Its easy for both S and I to rely on each other for company all the time, we do everything together and love each others company, but I need to make sure I have a life outside of the life I have with him. Ive let that slip in the last few months, and I need to fix that.

4) Manage my money better - Does this need explaining? Fritter less money away, Id like the money I have to be spent on better things than shit. Better quality wine, less often. Better quality clothes, less often. You get the idea...

5) Use my cookbooks more - I have bought so many... They need using! I have subscribed to Eat Your Books so I can actually find recipes in my little library, and Id like to cook a greater variety of meals using seasonal and different ingredients than I might be used to. As I said in #1, Id like to eat more fish, but I've never really cooked it before, so I'll be relying on my books to help me out!

How do these compare to your resolutions? Do you reckon new years resolutions are a total waste of time because you break them after a month anyway? More importantly, do you guys have any tips on whats worked for you in any of these areas? Love to hear what you have to say!


  1. Resolution #1 & #2 are on our list. The crazy overload of Christmas meat eating has put me off roasts and pork for at least a month ;)

  2. yeah me too, big time. Im craving salads and soups! Im gonna try eat less carbs too which is a big ask - have an open sandwich instead of a normal one, switching to brown rice, continuing to buy rye/grain breads and eat less of it! Veges will be my staple!

  3. My resolutions are most likely going to be exactly the same but I most likely wont stick to them lol. I'm liking your reviews of the local Perth restaurants always good to know where not to go!

  4. Thanks Michelle, glad you like it! We'll see how well I stick to these ones, but Ive kinda tried to make them goals that arent too out there and unattainable! In saying that Ive not really started yet lol had a big creamy saucy curry tonight - oooops!