Saturday, August 7, 2010

Strawberries, farm fresh!

Today I stopped by the Berry Sweet strawberry farm in Bullsbrook to grab some "seconds" strawberries from their farm shop. For $5 you get a pretty big punnet of their top strawberries, which is cheaper than in the shops already... However for between $8-$10 (depending on the size of the box you end up with) you get a massive box of strawberries which are their second rate quality, not fit for the supermarkets... the picture on the right is of my $10 box of "not fit for supermarket" berries... some look a little bit old, but I've gotten berries like that in the punnet you get from the supermarket, so Im not complaining at all!!
When I went to take the photos of the berries, I sat on the kitchen floor, taking pics... eat a strawberry, take a photo... strawberry, photo, berry, photo... They're so nice and sweet and so juicy!
But what am I going to do with them?? Ideas Ive had, or been given that are very viable, are margaritas, jam, and cheesecake... Strawberries and cointreau seem to be a popular combination, I might try a strawberry and orange cheesecake tomorrow - since I have a few oranges to get rid of too, after visiting a work colleagues farm, and her offloading a number of oranges, a huge broccoli, cabbage, and 6 free range eggs!
Life in the Chittering Valley is pretty good :)


  1. Seriously they're 'seconds'?!? I'd be delighted if I could get juicy strawbs like that in the shops! Strawberry and orange are the perfect combo, but strawberry and white chocolate is also nice...for the cheescake maybe?!! ;-)

  2. i know!! Theres nothing wrong with them... theres going to be smoothies made for breakfast, and i think a cheesecake slice of some kind - white chocolate is tempting!

  3. jaxstar I knew you couldn't be in my neck of the woods if there is a strawberry farm with strawberries at this time of year! Lucky you. Our strawberry season on Melbourne is just for about 3 months over Christmas so we are currently have QLD berries on offer, but I got some of the sweetest and made strawberry ice-cream from Nigella's Forever Summer. Delish! Your strawberries are the best 'seconds' I have ever seen.

  4. in terms of local food, ive just discovered that where I live is considered a "food bowl" of WA - lots of farms producing lots of food! the strawberries were grown in a greenhouse i think, but i saw many a berry patch with red berries sitting in the sun when i went there the other day! though im pretty sure the seasons just started... lots of strawberries to be eaten over summer!